What Yoga Students Say:

“Rachel is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes (Purna Yoga level 3) are active yet they calm the mind. Her words are insightful making it more than just physical activity. Her extensive training and experience keep students safe in class. My favorite part of class is when we get to “play” and safely explore new or challenging poses. Hopefully I’ll see you in class soon!”  Tara H., Yoga Student

Rachel Newman Yoga

Working with a yoga student at Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue

“Rachel is very good…very thorough and attentive to my physical and mental state when instructing me in the yoga ways…both metaphysical and emotional and physical yoga!”  Wayne S., Private Yoga Student

“I showed up for my first Yoga class in Levi’s and Rachel treated me wonderfully. She was welcoming and without condescension, she gently helped me become a pretty fair Yoga student. I think she’s the best.” Mike P., Yoga Student

“Rachel is a very good yoga teacher. I like the way Rachel starts her class by reading a good quote or a nice poem, because it helps me think positively and be happy. I enjoy beginning my day in her class. She makes class enjoyable. I am very happy that I learn yoga from her.”  Jayshree C., Yoga Student_20140528_IMG_3005